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50 Ways to Build Links (what you need to know)

Formulating a successful link building campaign is not as easy as it once was, given that there is now a far greater emphasis on authoritative, quality links. These days for a small business, a good link profile will typically have fewer links, instead focussing on having a small number of links on quality, original and relevant websites. Google has changed the way it analyses a website’s link profile enormously in recent years, with many websites finding themselves being penalised in the process, particularly after the Penguin update. Creating a solid link building strategy is the first place to start. If your website has already been around for a while, you’ll want to start by analysing its current link profile in order to determine the value of the various links to your website using the tools mentioned in Part 6 of this guide. You’ll need to identify the ones holding you back and then work on removing them before determining how you are going to generate more authoritative links for your website.In this guide, we’ll take a look at fifty ways to build links, get rid of the bad ones and make use of a variety of tools to help simplify the process.

Part 1: Link Building with Your Website

1. Add social sharing buttons to your website: Encourage social sharing of your content by adding social media buttons to your blog posts and other pages. Most content management systems provide this facility by way of a plugin. AddThis or Filament provide “stand out” social sharing icons that really work.


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