10 Best Inbound Blog Sites for 2014. See Who Won!

Inbound marketing is big. Check out these 10 inbound blog sites that will help your business to grow.

Inbound marketing is an excellent way to promote a website, if the content is exceptional, informative, attractive, and properly shared. Done correctly, it can draw in a targeted audience increasing its value and potential income. Although there are many more, here are my current top10 sites circulating the world of online marketing that generate interest and are full of informative content.


1. MOZ

Moz has a plan for any website owner, providing the right tools to help them reach their goals quickly and easily. You will be able to conduct more precise searches to brand your product with the utmost success. Their specific, advanced analytics allow for better link building, and their Crawl Test, Rank Tracker, and other important tools will allow you to track your marketing efforts and compare them against your competitors. Members also have access to the highly informative Q&A Community, as well as the Academy, and much more, to ensure your business is a success, and that your efforts are recognised. Many are drawn to Rand Fishkin and his Whiteboard Friday video posts.





A marketing software platform specific to inbound marketing helps entrepreneurs drive more targeted traffic to their sites, while turning them into paying customers, and surpassing their competitors. Hubspot will grade your current online marketing efforts, using innovative tools and expertise, to provide you with valuable insight that will commend any positive actions, while pointing out weak points that are undoubtedly hindering your income potential. Through analysing, they will help you improve every aspect of your online marketing efforts, from attracting visitors to converting them into sales leads, and closing leads into customers to guide you along the path of success.





Their goal is to teach you how to use social media marketing to generate leads and improve branding through the popular, and very effective, social media platforms that exist today. They provide valuable information on how social media impacts search engine optimization. They’ll introduce you to the importance of smartphone apps, and how they facilitate day-to-day tasks, while demonstrating how easy it is to get others to promote your brand or event, potentially increasing your visibility and income through word-of-mouth. They provide the industry secrets that can help you achieve your goals.


Social Media Examiner



A serious and successful blogger, Jeff Bullas provides detailed information on how to blog on a professional level. He teaches you how to stand out and bask in the glory of success, instead of getting lost in cyberspace, by using creative headlines, and learning what, how, and when information should be shared. His blog guides other bloggers, from beginners to advanced, on every aspect of blogging to churn out interesting content that HUMANS like to read, and still optimised to please the search engine crawlers.





Everything you want to know about search engines is gift wrapped and waiting for you to discover on Search Engine Land. With expert staff and knowledgeable contributing members, the site is filled with exceptional information on SEO: on- and off-site search engine optimization, paid searches, AdWords, in-depth explanations and how-to’s, that all circle around your online success. A trusted one-stop shop for everything SEO, they inform readers about its importance from A to Z, without missing any steps. The site is useful and helpful to all online marketers, regardless of their experience and knowledge; ensuring entrepreneurs are up to date on the topic.



Neil Patel is behind this trusted name in the industry, being touted a top web influencer by the Wall Street Journal. This man is a star who’s recognised by the world’s most trusted sources, working with some of the biggest corporations in the United States to help them generate more revenue, like NBC and Viacom. He offers a plethora of guides from content and online marketing to landing page optimisation and copy-writing, with information that’s backed by statistics. They’re geared to all levels of online entrepreneurs, so that each can move forward with confidence, removing all the guesswork that frustrates and confuses so many.



If you want to succeed, you must get your information from trusted sources, like Nick Eubank’s Blog. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel, just learn from good examples. Nick Eubank is a respected man in online marketing, which helps companies increase both their traffic and conversions. Having worked his magic on well-known companies like Comcast and ExxonMobil, among many others, you’ll get crucial information about keyword research to benefit your search engine optimisation efforts. He makes himself available for one-on-one conversations to provide valuable answers to any questions related to marketing, that others might not be giving you.



Jacob King tells it like it is. He doesn’t talk or care about white hat and black hat techniques, and his motto is to use real SEO tactics and techniques that actually work. He discloses the problems with tiered links, in that they DON’T work, and how to benefit from contextual links, instead. He provides readers with the link building tools necessary to succeed. His in-depth guide to becoming a Scrapebox master is a must-read for any serious online marketer, where he discloses valuable tips for users of any level. The site’s forum is informative and active, with Jacob King taking the time to help others, and answer their queries.



The best selling author and founder of Squidoo.com has certainly made his mark in the online world of marketing. He was Yahoo!’s VP of Direct Marketing, so you know you can trust his word. His site is profoundly informative, and you’ll find all his published books that could help you on your entrepreneurial path to success, such as by posing the right questions, and answering them correctly. Marketing is a skill that has everything to do with a consumer trusting what you have to say or offer. He takes a different approach than most online marketers, but his word should be heard because there are lots to learn from Seth Godin.



An online marketing guru who first wet his feet at the tender age of 15, and who, at age 18, was headhunted to become HP’s and Land Rover’s Social Media Manager, offers his expert knowledge on the subject–having every right to do so. His content is so thorough and interesting; it has captured the attention of many other experts, and also the attention of those who want to experience similar success. He’ll teach you the important stuff that people really want to learn, like how to set up a high-converting Facebook Fan Page, or providing an informative guide to WordPress SEO, and so much more.

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